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The movie's attempt to generate moral complication by letting us get to know the two male killers and their thoughts on the matter just doesn't really go anywhere.

Soon she sees a bunch of menacing men coming at her. Franka potente naked. Gruesome, bloody torture gore. Axelle is there, and wanders into the woods, where she meets Beth, who promptly axes off her head. They end up meeting the woman from the first film, who I believe is named Axelle. Hostel 2 nude. Parents need to know that this gruesome horror sequel absolutely isn't for kids, even though splatter-loving teens may well want to see it. Meanwhile, Stuart is in a room with Beth. The setup for Hostel II is to take some dumb Americans sans Icelandic friendsend them to Slovakia for a weekend trip to a world-renowned hot springs and spa, and butcher them like the spoiled sorority girls they are.

After all those intense scenes, how did you release? Vera Jordanova makes her Hollywood debut in Hostel: Is the movie making any kind of statement about violence in media?

Todd and Stuart get paged that their victim is ready, and there's a touch meant to elicit laughs in the audience in which Todd is getting a blow job from some prostitute, and THROWS her off him like so much garbage to reach for his pager. Continue reading Show less. Naked pics of mothers. Meanwhile, Beth and Whitney have gone on to this spa, and show only the slightest concern that they haven't heard from Lorna.

Is it at least fun in between takes? Part II was sold as something more suspenseful, and it works hard to develop both a sense of tension for both the fates of the girls and the fates of the two Americans who may or may not have the balls to follow through on what they paid for. But then he produces a photo of his wife who left him, and she looks exactly like Beth.

The American girls are somewhat more gracious visitors than the first film's sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll Yankee guys, but the message seems similar, and more than a little xenophobic: While on the train, packed with drunk obnoxious soccer football fans, they run into the nude model who previously had shown a little too much interest in the lovely Beth, a comely Eastern European named Axelle Vera Jordanova.

The best media for your family, hand-picked by our editors. Characters frequently smoke, drink, or go looking for drugs. Same deal as the first, now with women instead of men, and more behind-the-scenes look at the hostel's workings. The first movie portrayed its protagonists as total selfish ignorant tourist assholes, making the audience hate them and brought up interesting questions of how the audience is LIKE themso when you see them caught and killed one morbidly cheered the killers on, as the victims were so obnoxious.

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Hostel 2 nude

Does the character who survives become as bad as the killers? This is probably a reference to this real historical woman who would bathe in the blood of virgins because she believed it would keep her beautiful. Stuart, having second thoughts en route to the factory, asks "Are we sick?

Viewers also meet the two American clients who paid to kill the girls: The poor girl just wanted to have a nice vacation, and instead she got sliced up by a Mrs.

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Eventually she is "rescued" by Axelle and taken to the big house of the hostel owner. Nude hippie women. How would you describe your character? Todd Richard Burgia boisterous, macho clod who can hardly wait to spill blood, and Stuart Roger Bartwho's more hesitant and uncertain.

Characters frequently smoke, drink, or go looking for drugs. What's on your mind? By the way, there has been a significant moment earlier where Todd has told the reluctant Stuart that once they have killed someone, everyone in their daily lives--like on the golf course, for instance--will be able to tell that there is something badass about them. I personally didn't need this part, and really didn't need to know what happened to the guy from the first at all.

Part II easier to follow, and much more interesting than the original. You just get taken. See how we rate. Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. At the beginning of Part IIHostel 's sole escapee is eliminated by the secret society, whose evil influence turns out to reach worldwide. Not only does he come up with outrageous kills, but he knows he has to put a bunch of hotties in there and make them take their clothes off.

Clothing-product labels, liquor brands, and an iPod are most prominent. Nude photos of mia sara. Not so new, to be sure, but it changes the tone of the movie from the distanced moral quandaries of the first to pure sadism. Hostel 2 nude. But there are still gallons of blood and nonstop ghastly violence -- so viewers who thought the first film was an atrocity won't see many redeeming qualities here, either. While on the train, packed with drunk obnoxious soccer football fans, they run into the nude model who previously had shown a little too much interest in the lovely Beth, a comely Eastern European named Axelle Vera Jordanova.

Frankly, I think women in general might be better off without Eli Roth trying to portray their point of view. About these links Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization, earns a small affiliate fee from Amazon or iTunes when you use our links to make a purchase. Each girl in the film has a distinct character.

They dress Beth a certain way that will make sense later, and she once again realizes that they're coming for her. They trap boys with the promise of sex. Stars leaked nude photos. Then we join the survivor from the first film as he escapes on the train, then makes a complaint, but soon sees that the police are people from the hostel. I'm not in the U.

How did the three of you bond?

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But then he produces a photo of his wife who left him, and she looks exactly like Beth. She chops them off and throws them to the dogs.

A character who escapes may or may not be stained with the murderous spirit.

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