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Ricky Permatteo i would not be offended at all….

I saw his butt yesterday in a 3D trailer for the new Jurassic World trailer and he is a national treasure. South indian lesbian porn. Im a heterosexual male, but if I had the chance to get into that man's pants, I would do it in a heartbeat! I know sex sells but have some dignity and be professional about it.

If Amy did feel harassed, she would've felt pressured to not file an actual complaint because she wouldn't want to ruin the working relationship. Chris pratt nude. But please, go on: Nothing more came of it other than the reprimand, so it's all good. Nobody was walking down Main Street nude. Fri, 23 December at It was also directed at a person. Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of amypoehler chrispratt gq stories and more.

Dude hangs dong because he is a legend. This is just in the US which is ran by hard-assed Christians. I said something similar the other day. Pretty mature nude women. See you clever fucks tomorrow. I got it right up in my office. Now it gets you on a sex offender list. Stan Schulz He looked sexier as a chub. He was asked to shock Amy Poehler, and shock her he did. If you need to take your junk out, then take your junk out. Dave Basora He can get naked at my house any time he wants.

It is not up to him whether she gets to be okay with that, and doing it on camera might could have even forced her hand. If I just started helicockering next to you at work, there might be a reason to complain. Want to add to the discussion? So you had to be nude for a shot, so what? Writer Megan Amram once told a crazy story about the actor drop-kicking a fax machine on set.

Ive seen an old tumblr quality version of this and it didn't have the scene of Pratt actually flashing. Pratt did not know beforehand--presumably--that she'd be okay with that.

Not all women automatically see this as something other than a joke. Plenty of the people in crowds or the stewards forced to tackle streakers at sporting events may feel sexually harassed by streakers, who are you to judge them and say that others can't judge if they'd be sexually harassed at what Chris did? Blended From Around The Web. Female lesbian sex stories. In fact he's well past the age that it would be perfectly normal for him to refuse to be nude in the same room as other people, it's all down to the individual and their sense of privacy and comfort.

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It like the part of her who's a regular human being shocked by an unexpected penis and the part of her who's a trained and experienced improv comedian collided and she was overloaded.

Hell, I get a little weird about bathing my dog and washing his junk. Hot nude greek women. So did hundreds of other actors. Chris pratt nude. She talked about how she would be pranked by her completely nude coworkers in her book, and she seemed to take it in stride.

Ppl have the right to decide they don't mind. They all seem to think it's hilarious since no one has said boo about it.

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My stepson is weird because of his dad and I had to explain that there's nothing weird about it. I can understand the network's point of view though. Then I got a letter from NBC saying basically [to] never, ever do that again. Amy does seem like the kind of person who would think it's funny.

Especially if there was no bad intent. Billy Budd I would take head shots and invite him to take a bath with me anyday. Speaking with the Graham Norton Show this week, Pratt recounted the hilarious tale of the nude scene that totally got him in hot water with the network that aired his show. Free nude slots. While Chris went to the extreme, he delivered on the reaction. Doesn't mean that we should be encouraging people to do the same, or deny that it was a dumb and wrong thing to do.

But if the left ever senses there's no consent in part of the equation, ooh here comes the rape police! Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Well duh this is a situation that can go either way. Plenty of the people in crowds or the stewards forced to tackle streakers at sporting events may feel sexually harassed by streakers, who are you to judge them and say that others can't judge if they'd be sexually harassed at what Chris did?

This is someone you work with. Parks and Recreation ended its seventh and final season just a few months ago with a rather poignant goodbye episode for a show mostly known for creating laughter. If they don't feel offended, then it's ok. And for a second there, it almost sounds like there was actual head involved from the gay man who picked Pratt up at a West Hollywood post office. Mya naked pics. If Chris just randomly did this to Amy at her trailer outside of shooting, then of course it would be sexual harassment.

He can come hang out at my place all he wants!! Two loafs of wonder bread. Easily the best part of this is when he does the impression of the boom mic operator and the operator essentially says, "fuck yeah, dude! One looks like some sort of weird sausage, the other looks like a wound. And I'm not, like, accusing you of not understanding this, or anything like that.

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